7.0 EMail server configuration - Exchange Online

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7.0 EMail server configuration - Exchange Online

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This document can help you connect to an Exchange Online e-mail account using IMAP settings. It describes how to discover the IMAP settings you'll need to know.

NOTE: Your company should have an onsite administrator who has access to the web portal.  Access to this web portal is required.


Creating an email address

To create a single user account, follow these steps.

1. Log in to Microsoft Portal as administrator.
2. In the header, click Admin.
3. On the left in the Admin page, go to Management, and click Users.
4. Click New, and then click User.
5. Complete the user information on the details page. Click the arrow next to Additional details to add optional user information, and then click Next.
6. Under Set user location, select the user’s work location, and then click Next.
7. On the Assign licenses page, select the licenses that you want to assign to the user, and then click Next.
8. On the Send results in email page, select Send email to send the user name and temporary password (Office 365 creates the password automatically) for the newly created user to yourself and the recipients of your choice by email. Type email addresses separated by semicolons (;), and then click Create. You can enter a maximum of five email addresses.
9. On the Results page, the new user name and temporary password are displayed. When you’re finished reviewing the results, click Finish.

Finding the IMAP and SMTP settings

1. Sign in to the Office 365 web portal.
2. Click Options under the Outlook section of your Microsoft portal home page.
3. Click Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access… on the Options page.
4. Record the Server name, Port, and Encryption method for the type of protocol you wish to use.
5. Use this information to configure your e-mail client.

Since all e-mail clients are different, please use the information you recorded and the documentation with your particular client to complete the setup.


1. Log in to Microsoft Portal as administrator.
2. Go to Admin at the top, and General Settings under the Outlook heading.
3. Double-click your mailbox.
4. Expand the selection got E-mail options.
5. Click Add to add your alias.


Firstly, create a new Distribution List in the Microsoft Office Portal by clicking the Distribution Groups link in the Admin section of the portal. For this example we will be using the email address newsletter@prairiefyre.com 

You can see that I have given it the name newsletter and added myself as an owner. By default, new Distribution Lists will only accept emails from other people inside your organisation. You can change this by double clicking the newly created Distribution List in the Exchange Control Panel and changing the delivery management options.

Now that we have set up this new distribution list we can send a test email to newsletter@prairiefyre.com from another account and it is received in my Office 365 mailbox.

Finally, we have to give my user account send as rights to this new distribution list. This has to be done by using Powershell to connect to Exchange Online.

Once you are connected to Exchange Online, you need to run the following Powershell cmdlet. Obviously, you will need to substitute the email addresses for your own.

Add-RecipientPermission newsletter@prairiefyre.com -AccessRights SendAs -Trustee andrew@prairiefyre.com

You will be asked to confirm your command, and then shown a summary of the permissions which were set.

NOTE: You need to wait 15-30 minutes for this all to replicate.



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