7.0 EMail server configuration - Exchange 2010

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7.0 EMail server configuration - Exchange 2010

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NOTE: We recommend against using a Domain Administrator mailbox as your MCC EMail address, as Exchange imposes extra security to prevent IMAP access.  While this can be configured to work, it requires some extra security work in Exchange.

1. In the console tree, click Recipient Configuration.
2. In the action pane, click New Mailbox.
3. On the Introduction page, select User Mailbox.  
4. On the User Type page, select New User.
5. Complete the following fields on the User Information page:

  • First name:  (optional)
  • Initials:  (optional)
  • Last name:  (optional)
  • Name:  This is the name that's listed in Active Directory. By default, this box is populated with the names you enter in the First name, Initials, and Last name boxes. If you didn't use those boxes, you must still type a name in this field. The name can't exceed 64 characters.
    • Note:  In Exchange 2010, the mailbox's alias is generated based on the Name property. Invalid characters in the name will be replaced with a question mark (?) when the alias is generated. 
  • User logon name (User Principal Name):  The User logon is formatted name@domain.com
  • User logon name (pre-Windows 2000):  This box is the logon compatible with legacy versions of Windows.  This field is automatically populated based on the User logon name (User Principal Name) field.
  • Password:  Type the password for this user
    • Note:  Make sure that the password you supply complies with the password length, complexity, and history requirements of the domain in which you are creating the user account. 
  • Confirm password:  Type the password again to confirm it.

6. On the New Mailbox page, review your configuration settings. To make any configuration changes, click Back. To create the new mailbox, click New.
7. On the Completion page, review the following, and then click Finish.


1. Open the Exchange System manager, and go to Recipient Organization => Distribution Groups.
2. Click New Distribution Group.
3. Select New Group and click Next.
4. Select the Group Type of Distribution.
5. Give the group a Name and Alias.
    NOTE: You can specify an OU for the group to be created in.
6. Click Next.
7. Click Finish.  This will close the wizard.
8. Next, right click your group and select Properties.
9. Go to the Members tab and click Add.
10. Add the required users to this distribution group.
11. Go to the Mail Flow Settings tab.  Double click the Message Delivery Restrictions.
12. Uncheck Require that all senders are authenticated, then click OK.


Exchange does not use the concept of Aliases when configured to work with version 7.0. Instead it uses distribution groups.
The following steps are needed to create the mailbox and distribution lists for the Queues in Exchange

1. In Windows, open Active Directory and select Users and Computers.
2. Right-click the distribution group and select Properties.
3. Select the Security tab and click Add.
NOTE: If the Security tab does not display, go to View and select Advanced features.
4. Add the general account created in Exchange.
5. Under Permissions, after Send As, select the Allow check box.
6. Click Apply and then OK.

Repeat this process for each queue.


Your IMAP and SMTP settings will be determined by your Exchange administrator.  By default the secure (TLS) IMAP port is 993 and SMTP is 587.


7.0 and newer, please consult the System Engineering Guide for version compatibility on a specific release.

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