ACD Hotdesking using the MiContact Center Softphone

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ACD Hotdesking using the MiContact Center Softphone

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When configuring your MCD to use a Softphone Extension and a HotDesking ACD agent, you should only need to use one license on your MCD, by setting the Softphone extension to IP Device Only.


1. On your 3300, create the softphone device with device type 5020 IP and service level IP Device Only

2. Open YourSite Explorer and perform a Telephone System Synchronization.

  • Go to Media Servers on the left.
  • Click the Synchronization tab at the top.
  • Select Telephone System.
  • Click the Run button.
3. In YourSite Explorer, assign that IP Device Only softphone to an employee who also has a HotDesking Agent ID associated.

NOTE: The following steps must be performed on a client PC (not on the MiCC server) with a working sound card.

4. Launch the ContactCenterClient and log in as that employee.
5. In the Softphone Configuration screen, select the IP Device Only extension.
    NOTE: In some versions, the PhoneSet Manager screen will show the extension state as LOCKED.  This is correct.

6. You can now log in the HotDesking Agent as normal, by going to the Actions menu.

NOTE: If the media server has a Secure Recording Connector configured in the Call recording options tab in YourSite Explorer, the softphone's MAC address must be enabled in the Mitel Border Gateway.


CCM, all versions. 

Keywords: softphone hotdesking hot desking agent extension MCD license licensing IP device only

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