HotFix KB120653 - SalesForce not popping when ANI not found

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HotFix KB120653 - SalesForce not popping when ANI not found

Article ID: 52008 - Last Review: Aug 7, 2013


When an ANI match fails, a new contact window is configured to pop up in Salesforce, but does not. 


The code was modified to ensure that the Softphone Layout settings would be followed if the ANI search returns 0 results, 1 result, or multiple results.


This Hotfix is to be applied onto

1. Download the attached KB120653.EXE file to the Enterprise Server.
2. Ensure that client updates are enabled. You can view this in YourSite Explorer => Enterprise => Auto update client applications.
3. Double click the KB120653.EXE file and follow the on-screen prompts.

NOTE: Applying this hotfix will restart the prairieFyre services, and will push an update to all client machines.  In order to avoid service interruptions, we recommend installing the update after hours or during a scheduled maintenance window.


SalesForce 4.03, CCM 

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