Alarm - Enterprise Server is Down

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Alarm - Enterprise Server is Down

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This alarm is thrown in the Contact Center Client Network Monitor if client is unable to connect to the enterprise server.




If the Enterprise Server is genuinely down you will see the following:

  • Contact Center Client: Realtime monitors will grey out and not update until the connection is restored.
  • Contact Center Client: The PhoneSet Manager will be unresponsive, and unable to control calls (the call should remain active as long as the PBX is still online).
  • Ignite: Ignite will disconnect and wait until the connection is restored.
  • MCC: Emails and Chats will not route to agents.


1. Check if the issue is client-side.    

  • Try to ping the enterprise server
  • Check connectivity from another computer
  • Check if the alarm is being thrown on the server (if the server is shut down or throwing windows errors, consult with your IT department)
2. If the alarm is being thrown on the server
  • Open the services control panel (services.msc)
  • Check that the .NET Enterprise Server service is started
  • If the .NET Enterprise Server service is already started, try restarting it.
    • NOTE: It may take a couple minutes after it shows started to fully initialize.

If restarting the services restores functionality, we recommend collecting a support package and contacting Customer Support for further investigation into the root cause of the error.


CCM, all versions 

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