HotFix KB157069 - IVR not properly collecting call details when...

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HotFix KB157069 - IVR not properly collecting call details when receiving call from NuPoint

Article ID: 52048 - Last Review: March 16, 2015


IVR is routing based on conditions (DNIS, ANI, etc) that are included in the call details.  When the call is first handled by a NuPoint and then passed to IVR, those details are not being used for evaluating the conditions. 


The original programming of our IVR system anticipated a specific call received event when receiving a transfer from NuPoint.  We have found in the field, that depending on NuPoint configuration, some other events such as a call redirect may be received instead. 


We have added code to accommodate the other possible initiating events that we could receive from a NuPoint system in order to ensure that IVR starts collecting the data and processing it accordingly. 


This hotfix is to be installed on top of IVR version

This Hotfix was included in our release.  If you have a specific business reason for being unable to upgrade, and still require this hotfix, please contact MiContact Center support.

Once you have updated to (or acquired the hotfix from customer support), please do the following:

1. If you have remote IVR servers, ensure that the Updater Service is running on them and they will be updated automatically once the services are no longer busy.
2. Next, you must ensure that the Configuration file for the IVR Inbound service is correct.

    a. Go to [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\IVRInbound\ and locate the IvrInbound.exe.config file.
    b. Make a copy of this file before continuing.
    c. Open that file in Notepad.
    d. Find the configuration that looks like the following:
            <setting name="PortsUsingNuPoint" serializeAs="String">
    e. In the Value section, add all your IVR ports that might receive a call from NuPoint, separated by pipes.
        eg:  <value>1221|1222|1223</value>
    f. Below the </setting> for this entry, add the following:
            <setting name="EventNumberToHandler" serializeAs="String">

    g. In the Value section, add the NuPoint record you wish to use (1 for first, 2 for second, etc.)
    h. Save the config file.  The section you modified should look something like the following:
            <setting name="PortsUsingNuPoint" serializeAs="String">
            <setting name="EventNumberToHandler" serializeAs="String">

3. Restart the IVRInbound service on all servers where the configuration file was modified.
4. Ensure that this modified .Config file is present on all IVR servers, in [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\IVRInbound\.  This will need to be copied manually to any remote IVR servers.     



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