Maximim number of rows in an Excel Report (10,960)

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Maximim number of rows in an Excel Report (10,960)

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CCM 5.8 and 6.0

When running a report via the Contact Center Management website, we will send a maximum of 10,960 line to Excel.  The templates used to create the reports needed a maximum size, and our design team determined that approximately 10,000 lines should suffice for most cases, and ensures compatibility with the Excel '97 format.  If a report is being run that returns more than 10,000 lines of data, it would be extremely difficult to take in the needed data, as such we would expect to find a better report or set of reports to provide the needed data.

NOTE: If you need to pull a report with more data than is currently possible, we recommend exploring our SQL Views as a possible alternative.

CCM 7.0

In version 7.0 of CCM we have added an auto-detect feature into the reporting service.  If more than 10,000 lines of data are needed, the report will instead be saved in Excel 2007/2010 format which allows for up to 1,048,576 rows.  The conventional wisdom that a report of this size is cumbersome still applies.  If you find yourself running reports of this size you may wish to investigate the possibility of a more focused report in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed with the volume of data.


CCM 5.8 and newer. 

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