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Article ID: 52058 - Last Review: November 1, 2013

This is the list of all items for, released on Monday, November 4th, 2013. For more information, you can visit Mitel Online to download our Detailed Release Notes for this release.
    New features and enhancements

    Product areas improved in this release

    Hotfixes not included in this release

    The following hotfixes were not included in version but will be included in 6.0.3.

    NOTE: If these hotfixes are business critical, we recommend you delay the upgrade until the hotfix is made available.

    Release over Release Statistical Modifications

    The following items describe all statistical modifications for Version

    Due to export regulations, direct links to the hotfix associated with this Knowledge Base article is no longer provided through prairieFyre Software's Knowledge Base and FTP server. Instead, you will have to login to www.mitel.com using your Mitel OnLine credentials to gain access to downloads.

    1. Using a web browser browse to http://www.mitel.com.
    2. Click Login.
    3. Type your MOL User ID and Password and click Log in.
    4. Under Support click Software Downloads.
    5. To download
      • A Contact Center Enterprise Edition hotfix, click Contact Center Enterprise Edition=>Contact Center Enterprise Edition Software Download and after Download the Mitel Networks Contact Center Enterprise Edition, click CCEE_FullRelease.
      • A Contact Center Business Edition hotfix, click Contact Center Business Edition=>Contact Center Business Edition Software Download and after Download the Mitel Networks Contact Center Business Edition, click CCBE_FullRelease.
      • A Call Accounting hotfix, click Call Accounting=>Call Accounting Software Download and after Download the Mitel Networks Call Accounting, click CA_FullRelease.
      The Download Center opens.
    6. Click Installing Contact Center Solutions and Call Accounting hotfixes.
    7. In the list of available hotfixes, identify the hotfix you require using the number of this Knowledge Base article, and click the associated Web Download or FTP Download link.

    WARNING: Installing the hotfix will Stop and Start ALL prairieFyre services. It is recommended to install the hotfix outside of regular business hours to avoid any potential service affecting issues.


    CCM version

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