Missing MiTAI Monitors after a PBX reboot

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Missing MiTAI Monitors after a PBX reboot

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After performing a reboot or restart of your PBX, not all MiTAI Monitors are re-established. 


This can result in Softphone, PhoneSet Manager, or Interactive Contact Center Controls not functioning properly.

After performing a restart of the PBX, you may notice in the CollectorLog.txt, or  MiTAIProxyServerLog.txt logfiles references to missing or unknown MiTAI monitors.

The logging line looks like the following:

Info      11/6/2013 4:57:13 PM     prairieFyre.MiTAI.MiTAIEngineLib.MitaiDeviceManager Unable to find device for monitor handle 215033440 for event '--y165725|28|2|52|9408-|215033440|3033|5|13|2|8404|8401||2|'


When the PBX comes back online, the Collector and MiTAI Proxy services will attempt to reconnect and re-establish their MiTAI Monitors, however due to the volume of re-connections there is the possibility that some will not fully re-connect. 


After a PBX restart it is advised to restart the Collector and MiTAI Proxy services.  In the Services control panel, they will be listed as:

  • prairieFyre Collector Service (v5)
  • prairieFyre MiTAI Proxy Server

NOTE: Restarting the MiTAI Proxy Server service during business hours can cause your softphone users to have to log out and log back into CCC.  It will also log out any SalesForce users.  For this reason it is recommended to perform this restart after hours or during a scheduled maintenance window.


CCM All versions. 

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