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Flexible Reporting - Unable to select devices, or redesign existing reports

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When you attempt to use Flexible Reporting, you find that the device list in a new report is blank, and the designer when redesigning an existing report is also blank. 


If you install the CCM to a drive other than C:\ then the RDL files do not copy to the correct location. 


You can correct this issue by manually copying the RDL files into the correct location.

1. Download the attached FlexRDLFiles.zip file to the enterprise server.
2. Unpack the contents of the file into [InstallDir]\CCM\PersistedReports\FlexRDLFiles\ folder.
3. Close and re-launch the Flexible Reporting application.

NOTE: The attached file will work for CCM version 6.0.X.X only.


CCM 6.0.X.X 

Keywords: flex reporting flexible reporting blank devices design redesign

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