HowTo - 7.0, Set up a signature in MCC.

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HowTo - 7.0, Set up a signature in MCC.

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Customer requires agents use signatures to personalize emails and ensure accountability for their responses.  This feature is being planned for our 7.1 release.  For 7.0 we recommend the following workaround.


Leverage Templates to insert agent signatures into the Email.

How to implement:

Templates can be used for both email and chat.  Each media type has its own unique template file location.  Signatures are typically used for email, so we’ll focus on this.  Please note that these steps apply for chat also.

In the email media server, there is a default location where the templates are stored.  This can be modified to a network share location so agents can upload/modify their own signatures.

On the enterprise server navigate to this location and create an .msg or .txt file that contains the signature for each agent.

An agent can quickly insert their signature from this location by doing the following steps:

1. In the email response, click inside the body of the email, and click the Reply Templates button.

2. In the Reply Template dialogue box, begin typing their name until the auto-complete feature allows them to quickly select their custom signature.

3. Hitting Enter or clicking the check box will insert the signature into the body of the email allowing them to type their response above.

NOTE: Multiple templates can be added to the body of the email to cover both the content and the signature in 1 response.


7.0 MCC 

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