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Statement of Support - Mixing Hot Desking and Traditional agents in the same environment

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The Mitel Engineering Guidelines and Mitel System Administration Guide both state the following relating to mixing Hot Desk ACD agents and Traditional Agents.

The MCD systems do not support:

  • Traditional agents and Hot Desk agents active on the same system
  • Traditional agents and Hot Desk agents directly or natively logged into SIP or Analog endpoints (directly connected to the system, or via MBG)

The phone system will allow an installer to program both types in separate groups and both types will work, however there are impacts to data reporting and significant changes within MiTAI to support each individually.



We do not support a mix of Hot Desking and Traditional agents.

The MiContact Center products look for one type of device or the other, and as such line up MiTAI events for realtime displays based one whichever is reported. 

Known issues caused by mixing Hot Desk and Traditional agents include, but are not limited to:

  • Realtime inaccuracies
  • Interactive Contact Center and Agent Group Presence controls not functioning correctly
  • Reporting inaccuracies


CCM, all versions 

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