7.0 MCC - Migrating a queue to a new mail server

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7.0 MCC - Migrating a queue to a new mail server

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You are moving rom one mail server to another, but want to keep the same queues. 

For example:  You are currently using support@prairieFyre.com on MailServerA and want to move to miccsupport@mitel.com on MailServerB


In order to ensure that the queues continue to work with a different mail server and email address, without losing any existing messages, please do the following: 

1. Ensure that the new email address is created and ready on the new mail server.
2. Open YourSite Explorer, and go to Mail Servers.
3. Click Add at the top, and fill in the details for the new mail server.  Test both incoming and outgoing settings before proceeding.  Save the email server but do not associate it to the Media Server yet.
4. Click on Queues on the left.
5. Select the queue in question.
6. In the Email Address box, add the new email address to the beginning (keeping the old address, separated by semi colon)
    EXAMPLE: miccsupport@mitel.com;miccsalessupport@mitel.com
7. Save this change.
8. Go to Media Servers on the left, and select your Email media server.
9. Change the Mail Server to the new mail server entry.
10. Click on the Inbound Routing tab.
11. Find the routing rule for this queue, and right-click > Edit.
12. Click Add at the top, and ensure that it is set to <<To>> Contains new email address.
13. Ctrl-Click both lines (to highlight them) and click the Group OR button at the top.
14. Click OK.

NOTE: Repeat steps 4 through 14 for each queue being migrated.

Doing this will allow you to continue processing any emails that were sent to the old email address, sending out the replies from the new one.  Once you no longer have any waiting emails sent to the old address you can remove it from the Media Server Inbound Routing, and Queue Email Address sections.  If you remove the old email address from these locations before clearing all the old emails, they will not route correctly.


MCC 7.0 

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