7.0 - Changes to NuPoint configuration options for IVRInbound...

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7.0 - Changes to NuPoint configuration options for IVRInbound service

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In the IVRInbound.exe.config configuration file, found in [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\IVRInbound\ there were two configuration settings used to ensure proper compatibility with a NuPoint device in the environment.  In the field we found both that these settings ere highly useful, and that NuPoint systems weren't the only devices that necessitated their use.  As such we have made the following changes:

PortsUsingNuPoint has been removed

In version 6.0 of our software this configuration allowed you to specify what IVR ports were potentially connected to a NuPoint device.  Rather than making clients specify which ports may or may not be linked, we have designed the service to no longer need them specified.

NuPointTimerDelay has been renamed to CallReceivedEventTimerDelay

Since this setting applies to more than just NuPoint devices, we have renamed to CallReceivedEventTimerDelay.


In the configuration file, under the Application Settings section you will see the following:

 <setting name="CallReceivedEventTimerDelay" serializeAs="String">

This setting controls how long after the first call details record we wait before proceeding.  With a device answering calls before it reaches our IVR system, we can sometimes receive multiple call details records.  The first will contain just enough information to start the call process, but may not have a complete or properly linked set of data.  If a newer record arrives before the timer finishes, we will use the details in that newer record instead.

NOTE:  If you set the value to 0 then we will use the first record we receive every time.



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