ALM0125 - Emails in FailedRoute state

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ALM0125 - Emails in FailedRoute state

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Emails have entered a FailedRoute state in storage. This can happen for a number of reasons including an improperly configured workflow as well as unexpected workflow errors. 


Minor/Major/Critical thresholds are configured in YourSite Explorer.


These email messages will not be routed. 


In order to determine why these emails did not route, please do the following:

1. Go to [InstallDir]\CCM\DataDirectory\SearchStorage\
2. Right-click the headers and ensure that Tags is checked.
3. Search for FailedRoute, or sort the Categories column to find those messages.
4. Consult the 7~ section in the tags column to see what the reason code is.

Reason Codes:
0 - None (as far as the system can tell, nothing has gone wrong with this message.)
1 - Invalid destination (the destination address was not a valid email address)
2 - Workflow exception (the workflow ran into an error while processing this message.  Check the Routing Media log file for errors.)
3 - No workflow to run (the system does not see a workflow for this queue.  Check the Routing Media log file for errors.)
4 - Transfer exception (the transfer failed.  Check the Storage Service log for errors.)
5 - Audit not in enterprise services (this indicates that the message was InQueue, but the Enterprise Server did not know about it.  Check the Enterprise Server logs for errors.)
6 - No valid media server (the system thinks there is something wrong with the configured media server.  Check the Routing Media, and Enterprise Server logs for errors.)
7 - Hard audit (This conversation has been manually removed using the Router Diagnostic tool.)
8 - No matching queue email (This could be for email, chat, or sms.  It means that we were trying to do auto-routing (with the destination queues variable) but there was no queue with a matching email, sms number, or GUID for chat.
9 - Max re-ring attempts (If an item gets stuck in systeminbox we try to “re-ring” it several times but after repeated failures we fail the message.)
10 - Tags missing (There are some critical tags (eg. conversationId or smtpId) that are missing form the .MSG file and we cannot recover.)
11 - Bounce detected (This indicates the detection of a bounced email, or auto-reply.  Ping-Pong protection has tried to prevent a loop from occurring.)
12 - Tags out of step (There is a difference between what the tags say on disk and what search storage is reporting them as.  To prevent misrouting, the message has been failed.)

For example, if your tags showed:  0~nu617O; 1~Saturday, February 002, 2014 12:41:57 AM; 2~80667fbd-3a37-46ef-964e-829272463768; 3~; 4~51; 5~1, 6~True; 7~1; 8~; 9~; 10~; 11~; 12~; 13~; 14~; 15~; 16~; 17~; 18~; 19~

The above example shows Reason code 1: Invalid destination.


In MiContact Center Version 8.X you we no longer use Windows Search for indexing.  As such you will need to use the ElasticSearch Manager.

1. Go to [InstallDir]\Support\ElasticSearchManager\ .
2. Right-click Mi.ElasticSearchManager.exe (8.X) or ElasticSearchManager.exe (9.X) and select Run As Admin.
     NOTE: This tool was designed for advanced support usage.  We do not recommend using features not mentioned in this article without support assistance.
3. If prompted for what type of search choose Multimedia.  This only occurs in 8.1 and newer.
4. In the Filter with archives box at the top type in FailedRoute and click Go.
5. This will return a list of messages found with the FailedRoute search.
6. The Folder column tells you the current state of the message.  Any in FailedRoute Folder are contributing to this alarm.
7. There will be a details column called FailedRouteReason.  The reason codes listed are the same as above, only without the numerical value.



7.0 and newer

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