Attempted login to HotDesking agent via PSM locks PIN after 1...

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Attempted login to HotDesking agent via PSM locks PIN after 1 failed attempt

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When attempting to log into a hotdesking agent via PSM, the system asks for a PIN and it is input incorrectly.  The PIN is locked after only one failure. 


In order to determine if we need to query for a PIN, the PSM first attempts a login with a blank PIN and wait for a response.  This means that, in the above scenario, the following occurs:

1. PSM sends a blank PIN to test if PINs are needed (failure 1)
2. The Agent inputs an incorrect PIN (failure 2)
3. When the Agent inputs the correct PIN, the PSM still begins by sending a blank PIN (failure 3)
4. The correct PIN arrives (as the PBX sees it) as the fourth attempt.

By default the PBX will lock a PIN after 3 failures. 


Currently, the best workaround is to increase the configured maximum attempts on the PBX to 5 to allow for at least one failed attempt.

On the 3300, go to:  System Properties => System Feature Settings => System Settings => DISA Number Lock-Out Timer


6.0 and 7.0 

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