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HotFix KB216343 - Employee Group Out Of Adherence by Day of Month, and by Day of Week showing incorrect adherence %

Article ID: 52156 - Last Review: June 24, 2014


This hotfix addresses three issues in the Employee Group Out Of Adherence reports.

1. When running this report by Day of Month, the total adherence percentage reports 100% incorrectly.
2. When running this report by Day of Week for a period of more than one week, the adherence numbers added incorrectly resulting in adherence values potentially over 100%.
3. The column headers for in adherence and out of adherence were reversed.


This hotfix is to be installed onto Version

1. Download the attached KB216343.EXE file to the enterprise server.
2. Double-click the KB216343.EXE file and follow the on-screen prompts. 

NOTE: Installing this hotfix will restart the prairieFyre services.  In order to avoid service interruption we recommend applying the update after hours, or during a scheduled maintenance window.


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