IVR - Unable to play callback recordings

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IVR - Unable to play callback recordings

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Sites that have upgraded from Version 5.8.X.X or 6.0.X.X to Version 7.0.X.X may encounter problems when trying to play audio files using the <<LastRecordingFilename>> Variable.  This will affect both Management Plan and Callback functionality.


In YourSite Explorer, check the <<LastRecordingFilename>> variable.  If it listed as a Prompt Entity, then you will experience errors. 

In the port log under <InstallDir>\CCM\Logs\Devices\ you will see that the router service is looking in the \Media\Custom\ directory, instead of the \Media\Recording\ directory.


If you are running or, please do the following:

1. Ensure that SQL Management Studio is installed on the Enterprise Server or SQL server.
2. On the server with SQL Management Studio, unzip the attached ConvertPromptEntityToPromptRecording.zip file.
3. Double-click the ConvertPromptEntityToPromptRecording.SQL file within to launch the script.
4. When the script loads in SQL Management Studio, click the Execute button, sometimes shown as a red ! .
5. In YourSite Explorer go to Tools and click Reset clients.

NOTE: This issue is planned to be resolved in Version, and will no longer require the SQL script.


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