SMDR shows internal abandons when outbound workflow generates...

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SMDR shows internal abandons when outbound workflow generates calls to a queue on one controller, who's agents are on a second controller

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When using an outbound workflow to generate calls (automatic, or callbacks) to a Queue, the raw SMDR indicates that these calls are internal abandons. 


Queues and IVR Ports are on one PBX, Agents are on another.
In the PBX the 'Report Internal Unanswered Calls' setting is set to YES.

The raw SMDR looks like the following:

 06/10 09:40:48  0000:02:02 8402         8402 661103               A X9999                                 001   18402                                   A0010886 A                                           
 06/10 09:40:49  0000:02:02 8401         8401 661101               A X9999                                 001   18401                                   A0010894 A                                           
 06/10 09:42:51  0000:00:03 8402    **** P306 101 103 103          I P306                                  001                                                                                                
 06/10 09:42:53  0000:00:02 8401    **** P306 101 101              I P306                                  001 

NOTE: The path records appears to be requeues.


You can remedy this behavior in our reports by applying a manual configuration.  To do this, please do the following:

  1. Go to [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\ConfigService\ and open the GlobalAppSettingsEditor.
  2. Fill in the following settings on a new line:
    • Application: DataService.exe
    • SectionGroup: prairieFyre.BAL.DataAnalysis.Properties.Settings
    • Name: HandleInternalAbandonAcdWithFullDigitsDialedAsAnswered
    • Value: 1
    • Description: An explanation of why the change is being implemented. Note that you must enter a value here to save.
  3. Click Save.  It will take 30 to 60 seconds to save.  Please wait for the confirmation box before closing the Editor.



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