ALM0133 - Conversations stuck in Drafts

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ALM0133 - Conversations stuck in Drafts

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You have at least one file that should have been sent out (an agent reply) that has an attachment that windows can't index properly. This causes the file to become stuck in the draft state according to windows search so we never attempt to send the file out.  This is due to the indexer trying to index the file contents of the file when we don't have a Reader installed.




The message or messages referenced will not be sent. 


1. Search the StorageService.log logfile for the string: Conversation has been identified as being stuck in the draft state .  The log will show you the name of the .MSG file. 
2. Open the .msg file and see if there is an attachment associated to the file.
3. Once they have identified that, they will have to:
     a. Go to the Indexing Options > Indexing Options -> Advanced Options -> File Types -> File Extension and change the option to not index file content
     b. Install the appropriate program so that windows indexing can index it properly. After doing they should rebuild the indexes to make sure the affected files get picked up.
    NOTE: Either of these steps will cause windows to completely reindex which can be a time consuming process. Ideally this should be done after hours. Once this is done, the conversations should send out correctly.
4. If there is no attachment, you can move the file out of the \SearchStorage\ folder.  Wait 2 minutes, then  copy it back into \SearchStorage\.  This will force Windows Search to reindex the properties.





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