Unable to restore backup: "Too many backup files were found....

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Unable to restore backup: "Too many backup files were found. Please remove all but one..."

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When trying to restore a backup, you receive an error and the restore does not complete. 


In the BackupoRestore logfile you will see an error like the following:

Error     29/09/2014 15:36:16      BackupRestorer.Program Restore failed System.Exception: Too many backup files were found. Please remove all but one of:
 C:\ProgramData\RestoreTemp\DataBaseBackup\Workflow\Compiled\160ecf35-8707-4618-b5dc-ca62cb2b23bd\Main IVR Backup_21-08-2014_19-33-52.612.xaml
   at BackupRestorer.Program.ExtractBackupFile(String aFilePath)
   at BackupRestorer.Program.GetRestoreData(RestoreRequest aRequest)
   at BackupRestorer.Program.TransformDataSet(RestoreRequest aRequest)
   at BackupRestorer.Program.PerformRestore(RestoreRequest aRequest) 


The restore service found multiple files with "Backup" in the name, and does not know which one to restore the configuration from. 


When naming workflows, or subroutines do not use the word Backup in the name. 

To fix an existing backup you must do the following:

1. Unzip the backup file.
2. Search the \IVR\compiled\ folder for the word "Backup".
3. Rename any of the resulting matches to "Back_up".
4. Open the backup_<date>.xml file in notepad.
5. Search for the word "backup".
6. Rename any matches where "backup" is part of a callflow or subroutine name to "back_up" and save the file.
7. Re-zip the backup folder.
8. Proceed with a restore from the edited backup.


7.0 and newer

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