MCC 7.1 - Manual configuration to preview Drafts of email...

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MCC 7.1 - Manual configuration to preview Drafts of email messages

Article ID: 52219 - Last Review: November 10, 2014


In Version 7.1 we have added a manual configuration to the server which allows Ignite to preview drafts of messages and not just the original.  If a draft exists, it will show the word Draft in the top left corner to differentiate from the original. 


1. Go to [InstallDir]\CCM\Websites\MCCWa\ and locate the web.config file.
2. Make a copy of web.config as a backup.
3. Open the web.config file and find the line:
    <add key="DraftPreview" value="false" />
4. In order to enable draft previews, change the value to true.  It should now look like:
    <add key="DraftPreview" value="true" />
5. Save the file.

NOTE: No service restarts should be required.  The MCCWa will pick up this change automatically when it next polls for settings.



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