WFS - Workforce Scheduling client receiving Network Congestion...

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WFS - Workforce Scheduling client receiving Network Congestion errors

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When using the Workforce Scheduling client you encounter repeated network congestion errors.


This can be cause by network delays exceeding the default timeout values in workforce scheduling


First, ensure that the server is up to date.  In 6.X stream this means upgrading to and applying this hotfix.  In the 7.X.X.X stream you should be on or later.

On the affected client computer, you can then adjust the timeout values.

1. Go to [InstallDir]\CCM\Applications\CcsClient\ .
2. Open the WorkforceSchedulingClient.exe.config file in notepad. 
3. In the <appSettings> section of the config file, modify/add the following values: (keep in mind that the system needs enough time to: handshake, process the change locally, send the change to the database).

    <add key="ServerUpdateTimeoutSeconds" value="5"/>
    <add key="MassServerUpdateTimeoutMinutes" value="1"/>
    <add key="UpdateAttempts" value="3"/>

4. We recommend trying the following values:

    <add key="ServerUpdateTimeoutSeconds" value="30"/>
    <add key="MassServerUpdateTimeoutMinutes" value="30"/>
    <add key="UpdateAttempts" value="5"/>

5. Save the changes.


WFS and newer 

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