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Currently in MiContact Center for Microsoft Lync we push extended ACD states to contact lists so agents can review the ACD presence of other agents.  This includes some call details such as the SIP URI of the customer.



We have added a configuration option that will allow you to prevent caller-specific information from being pushed to Lync.  Instead the Lync state will display only the queue reporting number and name.

NOTE: With this value set to false, the Toaster will contain simply "ACD" instead of the user name, SIP address, DNIS, and ANI.

1. On the MiContact Center for Microsoft Lync Enterprise Server stop the prairieFyre Enterprise Router Service.
2. Go to [InstallDir]\CCM\Services\RouterService\.
3. Open the OrandaRouterService.exe.config file in notepad.
4. Find the ShowCallerInfoInExtendedACDPresence setting, and change the value to false.
5. Save the file.
6. Start the prairieFyre Enterprise Router Service.

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