7.1.1.X - Default management subroutine is blank in non-english...

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7.1.1.X - Default management subroutine is blank in non-english environment

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After upgrading to or the default management subroutine is blank. 


During the upgrade to the system was missing a needed .XAML file to populate this subroutine.  In Cumulative Patch releases (such as we do not overwrite default subroutines in case they have been modified by the user.  However, in the missing subroutines were included in the sample callflows folder. 


First, you must ensure that you have upgraded to MiCC Version in order to have the files necessary to import.

1. Open YourSite Explorer.
2. Go to the IVR Routing section on the left.
3. Open Subroutines.
4. Click the Import button at the top.
5. Browse to [InstallDir]\CCM\Ivr\Sample Callflows\ .  Select the folder for the language you wish to import.
6. Select the Defaul Management Subroutine file.
7. Press CTRL A to select all, then CTRL C to copy.
8. Go back to the blank Default Management Subroutine.  Press CTRL V to paste.
9. Save the default subroutine.


IVR 7.1.X.X

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