Agent control not working properly after migrating agent from one...

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Agent control not working properly after migrating agent from one PBX to another

Article ID: 52243 - Last Review: February 11, 2015


After migrating an Agent ID from one PBX to another, the Contact Center Client can no longer control the agent properly. 


When attempting to control the agent ID you receive SXERR_FEATURE_NOT_ALLOWED or SXERR_INVALID_DEVICE errors. 


If all the changes are brought down via telephone system sychronization, it can be received in the wrong order, causing conflicts. 


When migrating Agents from one PBX to another, please follow these steps in order to avoid conflicts:

1. Make the changes on the PBXs
2. In YourSite Explorer, disable Realtime and Reporting on the existing (old PBX) entries for those agents and save.
3. Perform a Read telephone system sycnhronization in order to bring down the new configuration. 


MiCC all versions 

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