7.1.2 - New Spell Check for Ignite

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7.1.2 - New Spell Check for Ignite

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In MiContact Center Version we are introducing an improved spell checker in the Ignite application.

The primary difference is that in Version the spell checker will scan your emails in real-time, underlining any spelling mistakes it identifies for you in red.  
    NOTE: Once you have corrected a spelling error, if you undo that change by using CTRL Z the spell checker will not re-test the word, and will not add the underline again.

If you right-click on a perceived spelling error you are given a list of options:
1. Suggested spellings:  Ignite will list the suggested spellings that are most-likely your intended words.
2. Ignore: Ignore this word and take no other actions upon it.
3. Add to personal dictionary: Add this word to your personal dictionary so that it will not prompt you again.
    NOTE:  You personal dictionary is stored locally and only affects your computer.  There is a separate master dictionary on the MiCC server which applies to everyone.


If you wish to populate the master dictionary on the server, you can do so by adding or removing the words (one per line) to a .TXT file on the server. 

This file is located in: [InstallDir]\CCM\Websites\MCCWa\Scripts\nanospell\server\dictionaries\custom.txt 


Currently the only way to clear words from the personal dictionary is to clear it entirely.

1. Close Ignite.
2. Open Internet Explorer.
3. Browse to [MiCC Server IP]\mccwa\.
4. Press F12.
5. Click the Console tab.
6. Type in localStorage.clear(); and press enter.
7. Type in sessionStorage.clear(); and press enter.

NOTE: We plan on implementing a one-button clear to accomplish this task in our upcoming Version 8.0.


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