HowTo: Configure callbacks to adjust dialing rules.

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HowTo: Configure callbacks to adjust dialing rules.

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In some regions, the dialing rules used can change.  The hard coded rules implemented in the IVR system may no longer apply.  We recently encountered an issue in Chile where the country code was no longer required in national calls.  Previously, the PBX needed to dial 9 + 0 + ANI.  Now it is only needs to dial 9 + ANI.  The below example specifically shows the solution for this, but you can change your dialing pattern as needed.


You can change the dialing pattern by using a variable compare and set.

1.  Open YourSite Explorer and go to the IVR Routing section on the left.
2.  Click Variables, and then click the Add button at the top.
3.  Call the new variable something intuitive such as ModifiedCallbackNumber
4.  Add a description so others can see the purpose of the variable.
5.  Set the Variable Type to Number.

6.  Next, go to Subroutines on the left.
7.  Open the callback outbound subroutine being used.
8.  Go to the Menu activity, and find the option to call the customer (Option 2, by default).
9.  Above the Conference with Customer activity add a Variable Compare.

10.  For each digit length you need to adjust add a condition.  In the above example there are two conditions, one for 8 digit numbers, and one for 9 digit numbers.
11.  Under each condition, add a Variable Set (pictured above).
12.  In the Variable Set activity, set the ModifiedCallbackNumber under the Advanced Text tab to:  <<CallbackClientNumber>> + 900000000 .  This will take any 8 digit phone number and append a 9 to the beginning. 
       For example 12345678 would become 912345678.  This can be modified to append any leading digit you need in place of the 9.  The length of the original number determines the number of following zeros in the above formula.
       NOTE: In the above screenshot there is a second branch for 9 digit numbers.  It follows the same process, except the Advanced Tab would show nine zeros.  <<CallbackClientNumber>> + 9000000000

13.  Lastly, go to the Conference with Customer activity.
14.  Right-click the activity and go to External Call and set this to False.
15.  Right-click again and click Destination.
16.  Change the Destination to your ModifiedCallbackNumber variable.

17. Save your subroutine.


IVR 7.X 

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