Best Practices when Upgrading MCD on your PBX.

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Best Practices when Upgrading MCD on your PBX.

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This article presents best practices to follow when upgrading the MCD (Mitel Communications Director / MiVoice for Business) version on your PBX.

These best practices are divided into two sections:

1. Pre-Update: Checking compatibility between the MCD version being considered and your present version of Contact Center Management.

2. Post-Update: Restarting services on the CCM server after the upgrade is complete (this is necessary to ensure that the server and PBX can talk to each other correctly).

PRE-UPDATE - Checking compatibility between the MCD version being considered and your present version of CCM.

Before performing any update of the MCD software, please check that it is compatible with your present version of CCM.

This article provides a chart showing compatible MCD versions for each CCM release. It is kept updated as new releases are made available:

If the version of MCD to which you would like to update is not supported in your version of CCM, it is recommended to upgrade your CCM at the same time you update your MCD.

If you update to an unsupported MCD version and do not update your CCM, please be aware that you may lose the ability to synchronize the PBX with CCM, and that MiCC Product Support will not be able to assist you with this.

POST-UPDATE - Services to be restarted on the CCM server

After installing the new MCD version on your PBX, please perform the following procedure to ensure that the CCM server is able to communicate with the MCD server. This is particularly important if Interactive Contact Center (where agents set their status or control queues from within Contact Center Client) is being used, or when IVR is in use.

1. Allow the PBX to completely finish starting up with the new release in place.

2. On the CCM server, go to Start > Run and type services.msc . Press Enter.

3. Stop the following services:

- prairieFyre Collector
- prairieFyre Mitai Proxy

If you have IVR, also stop:

- prairieFyre IVR Music (if in use)
- prairieFyre Routing Inbound (in CCM 6.x, prairieFyre IVR Inbound)
- prairieFyre Routing Outbound (in CCM 6.x, prairieFyre IVR Outbound)
- prairieFyre Routing UPIQ (in CCM 6.x, prairieFyre IVR UPIQ)

4. Restart all the services, in the order in which they are listed above.

Alternatively, you can simply restart the CCM server after the PBX has finished starting up with the new MCD version in place.


CCM - All versions, when used with a Mitel 3300


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