Best Practices when the Site Has Experienced a Power Outage or...

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Best Practices when the Site Has Experienced a Power Outage or Other Unplanned or Planned PBX Outage.

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The site has experienced a power outage, or another planned or unplanned PBX outage.

This frequently results in issues with communication between the CCM server and the PBX. This is because when a site loses power and then regains it, the CCM server usually finishes booting before the PBX does, and as a result, several CCM services connect improperly to the PBX.


Data collection is generally unaffected.

Users may be reporting problems with Interactive Contact Center (where they can change their Make Busy status, or put queues into DND, from Contact Center Client.

If the site uses IVR, IVR may not function correctly.


Please follow the same procedure you would follow after a planned PBX reboot (for example, when upgrading the MCD version).  The procedure is described here:

NOTE: This procedure will interrupt Data Collection. If the site does not use IVR, and data accuracy is more important to the customer than the availability of Interactive Contact Center functionality, we recommend that you perform this procedure after hours, or during a maintenance window. The procedure will take approximately three minutes.

LIMITATIONS (symptoms which indicate a different problem)

The following symptoms are indicative of more serious issues:
    - Media Server Offline Alarms 
    - Contact Center Client real-time monitors are greyed out, and at the bottom of the screen, you see "Connecting on port 5024". This problem may be intermittent.

If you see any of these problems, please refer to this article instead:


CCM - All versions, when used with a Mitel 3300


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