In a Mitel 5000 series PBX environment, the MiTAI Proxy Server...

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In a Mitel 5000 series PBX environment, the MiTAI Proxy Server service is constantly restarting

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The MiTAI Proxy service is stuck in a loop, constantly restarting.


System event logs fill with errors stating that the service has restarted hundreds of times, with the following detail:

NO MEDIA SERVERS FOUND, EnterpriseConfig_NodeRows Count = 0


The 5000 series PBX neither requires nor allows MiTAI monitors to be set on its devices. In a non-mixed environment (i.e. no 3300 PBXs are present), this causes the MiTAI Proxy Server service to fail.


Stop and disable the prairieFyre MiTAI Proxy service on the MiCC enterprise server; you will need to stop the prairieFyre Server Monitoring Agent first, then restart it after the configuration changes have been made.

  1. Go to Start => Run and type services.msc and hit Enter
  2. Find the prairieFyre Server Monitoring Agent, right-click on it and choose Stop
  3. Find the prairieFyre MiTAI Proxy Server, right-click on it and choose Properties. Choose Stop, then in the Startup type dropdown, choose Disabled, and then OK
  4. Go to the [drive]:\Program Files\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Services\ServerMonitoringAgent\ folder
  5. Delete the KnownKeepAliveServiceNames.xml file
  6. Go back to the Services window, right click on prairieFyre Server Monitoring Agent and choose Start

The Server Monitoring Agent will create a new KnownKeepAliveServiceNames.xml file, and now knows that it no longer needs to check the status of the prairieFyre MiTAI Proxy Server service.


Mitel 5000 series PBX (formerly Inter-tel 5000) 

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