Contact Center Client Add/Remove device IDs window shows Agent...

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Contact Center Client Add/Remove device IDs window shows Agent Groups, on the right, but no Agents

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After upgrading from CCM 6.x or prior to CCM 7.x, or after applying a new security role, the Add/Remove device IDs window for any Agent State monitor in CCC shows Agent Groups, on the right, but no Agents. If you checkmark one of the available Agent Groups and click OK, no agents are visible.
Alternatively, after upgrading from CCM 6.x or prior to CCM 7.x, Agent State monitors in existing saved CCC profiles show no agents.


There is a Security Role applied to the user who has opened CCC, and the Security Role is configured to limit the devices that can be viewed to those in a Security List of type “Device List”. The Security List includes the Agent Group, but not a corresponding Employee Group.

We are moving towards an Employee-based security filtering model as of CCM 7. This means that, as of CCM 7.x, any Security List (Device List) that includes an Agent Group must also include an Employee Group (containing the Employees that correspond to each Agent in the Agent Group) as well, in order for people limited to viewing devices on that list to be able to view the Agents in the Agent Group in a CCC Agent State monitor.


To resolve the issue:

1. Note the Agent Groups that show up when you click on Add/Remove Devices in an Agent State monitor in CCC.

2. Go to YSE > Agent Groups, and note the agents who are members of each group from Step 1.

3. Go to YSE > Employee Groups, and check whether there are any existing Employee Groups that contain the agents you need.

If there are no such groups, you must create new groups. We recommend creating on Employee Group per Agent Group, and naming them accordingly. Since Employee Groups exist only in CCC and not on the PBX, you do not need Read/Write enabled to do this, and it will not affect PBX programming in any way. Also, please note that one employee can belong to any number of Employee Groups.

4. Determine the Security Role that needs to be changed.
  1. Go to YSE > Employees, and find the Employee of the user using CCC.
  2. In the properties for that employee, go to the User Account tab, and check out the contents of the Security Role field.

5. Check the Security Role to find with Security List is being used to limit device viewing in CCC.
  1. Go to YSE > Security Roles and select the role from 4b. Click “Edit”.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab of the Security Role, and note the contents of the “May view real-time information on the devices contained in this list only” field. That is the name of the Security List which must be changed.

6. Change the Security List.
  1. Go to YSE > Security Lists, and click to expand “Device Lists”; click on the name of the list from 5b.
  2. Click on the Members tab, and choose Filter by: Employee Group. Select the name of the Employee Groups you created for this purpose in step 3. Remember to save changes.

7. Have users log out and log back into CCC to apply the change

If the change does not apply immediately to all system, it may be necessary to do a Reset / Resync Clients operation in YSE this way:
  1. In YSE, go to the Tools tab at the very top.
  2. On the left, click “Reset Clients”. Nothing will appear to happen. Wait 15 seconds.
  3. Click “Re-synchronize Clients”. Again, nothing will appear to happen.
  4. Wait approximately 60 seconds, and then have the user log out of and back into CCC/


CCM version and newer.


security list” “security role” “Agent State” “Monitor” “Add/Remove” “Missing” “Agents”

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