YSEAppProfile corruption causing issues when opening YourSite...

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YSEAppProfile corruption causing issues when opening YourSite Explorer.

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The YSEAppProfile.xml file stores temporary, cached information for the YourSite Explorer application that is specific to the Windows user and PC on which YSE is being opened. This file can become corrupted, which causes issues when opening YSE (the program will not open, or will open and immediately throw an error).

Problems caused by the YSEAppProfile.xml file being corrupted will only be apparent on one PC. They can happen on the server, as well (in this case, they would only happen on the server, and not on other client PCs running YSE).

Deleting the YSEAppProfile.xml file is very safe, and will not disrupt your CCM server’s operations if done on a production system.


To delete the YSEAppProfile.xml file:

1. Close all instances of YourSite Explorer running on your computer.

2. Open Windows Explorer, and, in the address bar, type the following: %appdata%.
You will either end up in C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData, or in C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming.
If you are not in the Roaming folder, and you don’t see YSEAppProfile.xml, please go into the Roaming folder and look for the file there.
3. Delete YSEAppProfile.xml

4. Open YourSite Explorer.


CCM version and newer

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