Reports that you have run do not appear in CCMWeb > Report Inbox...

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Reports that you have run do not appear in CCMWeb > Report Inbox > Today’s Reports

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Reports that you have run do not appear in CCMWeb > Report Inbox > Today’s Reports.

If you check the MiCC server’s hard drive, the reports are present in the FlexReports folder (default location: C:\program files (x86)\prairieFyre software inc\ccm\PersistedReports\FlexReports.
NOTE: All reports run  by any user will be present in this folder regardless of whether they are Flex Reports or the pre-packaged reports.


We have observed this problem in situations where Contact Center Management was installed without User Account Control first being disabled in the registry (disabling it in the Graphical User Interface is not sufficient in Server 2012). This requirement is documented in the CCM Installation Guide (for versions 6.x, and version 7.1.2 onwards; it is a requirement for all MiCC Versions, including 7.0.x and 7.1.1.x).

User Account Control being not being disabled in the registry prior to installation can cause other installation problems in some cases; an uninstall and reinstall may be necessary in some cases, but if this is the only symptom, you may want to try the resolution below first.


If User Account Control has not been disabled in the registry, and the only symptom being seen is that the Report Inbox > Today’s Reports does not populate, disabling User Account Control in the registry has been known to resolve this issue. Please follow these steps:

1. On the CCM server, go to Start > regedit.exe

2. Go to HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Policies > System

3. In the center pane, double-click on EnableLUA. Change the value to 0.

4. Restart the computer.

To test:

Run another report, and then see if it shows up in the Report Inbox > Today’s Reports section.

Please note that previously-run reports will not show up. You would need to run them again, or retrieve them from the Flex Reports folder (\ccm\PersistedReports\FlexReports).

If the Today’s Reports section still does not populate, please go back to the registry and check that the value of EnableLUA is still 0 (Windows Group Policies can change it back to 1 during reboot).


CCM installed on Windows Server 2012

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