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MiCC for Lync – CCC Agent State Monitor shows an agent's Lync presence as "Unknown"

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The Contact Center Client Agent State Real-Time Monitor shows the agent's Lync presence as "Unknown", as shown in the image below:


In MiCC for Lync 5.10.x, Contact Center Client (CCC) pulls agents' Lync statuses directly out of the Lync client running on that PC.  This means that you need to have the Lync client open and signed in on your PC in order to see any Lync statuses in Contact Center Client.  (Ignite does not need to be running, however; just Lync itself).

Additionally, the Lync client only actively monitors the presence states of Lync users who are in your Contacts Lists within the Lync client (Favorites, Other Contacts, or any custom lists you've configured).  In order for CCC to pull agent states from the Lync client, Lync needs to be actively monitoring their presence; so you need to have all agents whose Lync status you want to see in CCC in a contact list in Lync, and have Lync running, in order for it to work. 

As an example, if Jane is trying to see the status of an agent named Wilson in Contact Center Client:

Requirement 1: Jane must have the Lync Client open her PC. 

Requirement 2: In the Lync Client, Jane must have Wilson's Lync user in her "Favorites", his “Other Contacts” list, or a custom list.  


To resolve the issue:

1. Open Lync on the client your PC, if it’s not open.

2. Search for the Lync user associated with the agent you want to view, and then right-click it and select Add to Contact List (you can choose Favorites, Other Contacts, or any custom list you have configured in Lync).   

If you don't find the user by searching by name, try searching by SIP address. The SIP address can be found in YourSite Explorer > Employees.)

Expected result: Contact Center Client will update in a few seconds to show the Agent's Lync state (for example, "Available for ACD - Available" or "Logged in, not present to ACD - Available").
If the update does not happen, verify that you can see the Lync users' presence in the Lync client, then close Contact Center Client, wait 30 seconds, and reopen it.


MiCC for Lync version 5.10.x

Lync State Agent real time Real-time monitor CCC Contact Center Client unknown

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