Ignite - Known issues

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Ignite - Known issues

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The text editing engine for Ignite was updated in MiCC Version, allowing us to introduce a new and improved spell checker.

Below are a list of minor issues that still exist.

  • Images embedded into a signature do not copy and paste correctly into a message.
  • When pasting a table from Excel into Ignite, formatting (font colors and styles) do not paste.  The actual data remains intact.
  • When trying to move a table by clicking and dragging on the sign, it will create a copy of the table within one of the cells.  Use alignment options instead.
  • When changing from bullet list to numbered, sometimes the first bullet remains and needs to be removed manually.
  • When you correct a word using the spell checker, the cursor jumps to the end of the word.
  • If you modify the FROM field, then insert an image into the body of an email, then start typing in the TO field, the cursor will jump back into the body.
  • You may encounter a script error when attempting to select all (CTRL A) on a template with an image.
  • When inserting a template with a numbered list, if you then convert to a bullet list, the numbers will remain (and need to be manually removed)
  • In an environment where clients have Internet Explorer 9, you may encounter a script error when trying to send email in Ignite.  The new editing engine works best with Internet Explorer 11.
  • When pasting text into Ignite, the spell checker may indicate a word is misspelled if the formatting changes mid-word (text color, etc).


Version and newer. 

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