MiCC for Lync - How to Move to Remote SQL

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MiCC for Lync - How to Move to Remote SQL

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The following instructions explain how to move from an MiCC for Lync environment with local SQL on the CCM server to one with remote SQL.


When planning a move to remote SQL, please note that you willl need to schedule the move after hours or during a maintenance window, because it will be necessary to shut down all prairieFyre services in order to complete the move.


The following verification steps will ensure your move is successful. They can be done at any time prior to the move.

A) Confirm that your Enterprise Router is collocated on your CCM Enterprise server.

On your MiCC for Lync server, open service.msccheck for the prairieFyre Enterprise Router service.

If you see the prairieFyre Enterprise Router service, you can follow the instructions in this article exactly as they are written. If you do not see it, you will need to locate the Enterprise Router server, and shut down the Enterprise Router service there in Step 3.

B. On your new SQL server, have your SQL DB admin check the following:

i. That there is a SQL authentication account set up in SQL Management Studio > Security > Logins that the MiCC for Lync server can use to authenticate to the database. Mitel strongly discourages the use of Windows authentication with remote SQL server.

ii. That the SQL auth account that will be used has the sysadmin and dbcreator server roles.

iii. That the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account also exists in the Logins section, and that it has the public, sysadmin, and dbcreator server roles assigned to it.


When you're ready to move the SQL DB:

1. Have all users shut down Ignite and CCC.

2. On the MiCC for Lync server, open services.msc, and stop the prairieFyre Watchdog service.

3. Stop all the other prairieFyre services, including the Enterprise Router service.

4. Log into each of your Lync Front-End servers, and stop all the prairieFyre services on these servers, as well.

5. Log into your existing SQL server and drop the CCMData and CCMStatisticalData DBs.

6. Move the DB files to the new SQL server and re-attach them.

7. On the MiCC for Lync server, go to Start > Programs > Mitel > Contact Center Management Configuration Wizard (or Start, then search for Configuration Wizard). Start it.

8. Click "Next". You will immediately get the message "You have already run the config wizard [...] Are you sure you would like to reconfigure your Enterprise Server". Click "Yes".

9. Click "Next" on the first screen. You will then get the SQL Server screen. Put in the SQL server name and instance name for your new SQL server. Set the Authentication type to "SQL Authentication", and then put in the password:

10. Click "Next" until you get to the screen where it shows you the list of actions it's going through, then wait for it to complete. When it completes - when all actions have a green checkmark beside them - click "Next" again, then "Finish". This should take about 20 minutes.


If you run into any difficulties during the Configuration Wizard, please try the following:

1. Check the ConfigurationWizard_LOG file in C:\Program Files (x86)\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Logs on the CCM server for error information.

2. Double-check the SQL permissions (Part B in the Verification Steps section above).


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