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HowTo: 8.0 - Configure the Storage Service to Junk "bounce detected" emails instead of setting them to FailedRoute

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When the Storage Service detects certain header information from the sending mail server it can intercept bounce messages before they need to be processed by the inbound workflow.  By default it sends these messages to the Failed folder, with a reason of "bounce detected". 

We have added a configuration to allow for some filtering, sending "bounce detected" messages instead to a Junk status, thus reducing the amount of work necessary to audit the genuinely failed route messages.  You will need to create a list of filters to apply when a "bounce detected" message is received.  If the subject line contains any of these filters, the message will be Junked, otherwise it will FailedRoute as normal. 


1. Create a text file called FilterEmailSubject.txt in the [InstallDir]\Mitel\MiContact Center\Services\StorageService\ folder.
2. Edit that file and add words or phrases to check for in the subject line of bounce detected emails.  Separate each filter with a new line.  For example:

out of office

The above would Junk, rather than FailedRoute any messages whos subject line contained "autoresponse", "out of office", or "autoreply".

3.  Go to [InstallDir]\Mitel\MiContact Center\Services\ConfigService\ and launch the GlobalAppSettingsEditor.exe.
4. Fill in the following details:

  • Application: StorageService.exe
  • SectionGroup: Storage.Properties.Settings
  • Name: EmailService_JunkBouncedEmails
  • Value: true
  • Description: (you can enter anything here, but you must enter something in order to save.  We recommend a name, date, and/or reason for the configuration)

5. Click Save.  It can take 30 to 60 seconds to save, so wait for the confirmation prompt.


MiCC Version 8.0 and newer. 

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