Restoring a backup - Lab versus Live restore options

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Restoring a backup - Lab versus Live restore options

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When restoring a backup users will now be presented with a choice of Lab Restore or Live Restore.

A Lab Restore is intended for use when you are restoring the backup on a lab, staging, or any other server which is not the live environment.  It will pacify a number of configuration options in order to prevent interfering with the live customer environment.

A Live Restore is used when you are restoring the database on the live customer environment.  No pacification will take place, as everything is intended to be live and working.  When you select a Live Restore you will be prompted to confirm that you understand the ramifications of this action.


When performing a Lab Restore of a backup, the following settings are pacified:

  • Remove all mail passwords:  This prevents MCC emails being downloaded onto your lab, which would prevent them being received in the customer's environment.  This will also prevent outgoing emails being sent (for alarms or reports set to email distribution) if the SMTP server requires any authentication.
  • Null out storage location: This prevents Storage service from reading or writing live system addressing information. 
  • Create a dummy computer name and assign all media servers and ports to it:  This prevents the lab system from connecting to live PBXs.  This prevents data collection from the live site, and port registration which could cause IVR failures.
  • Null PBX passwords:  This prevents MiXML read and write activities with the live PBX.


MiCC Version 8.0 and newer 

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