When upgrading from 6.X to 7.X or 7.0.X to 7.1.X the...

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When upgrading from 6.X to 7.X or 7.0.X to 7.1.X the Configuration Wizard fails on SQL Change Scripts

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When upgrading a database from 6.X to a 7.X or from 7.0.X to a 7.1.X deployment, the configuration wizard stops on SQL Change Scripts with an error. 


In the Configuration Wizard logfile found in [InstallDir]\Logs\ you see errors that look like the following:

Error 2015-Jul-24 12:03:22.814 Exception caught while attempting to execute task: System.Exception: Script Block Failed::
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sys.indexes WHERE name = 'IX_NC_FKSubscriberPKey_MidnightStartDate')
CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [IX_NC_FKSubscriberPKey_MidnightStartDate] ON [dbo].[tblData_CA_Trace] ([FKSubscriberPKey], [MidnightStartDate], [FKDayOfWeek]) INCLUDE ([AccountCode], [ANI], [CallerID], [CallID], [CallStartTime], [DigitsDialed], [DNIS], [Duration], [Extension], [FKCallCostingType], [FKCallDirection], [FKCarrierCallRate], [FKThirdPartyType], [Location], [NumberOfCostUnits], [PegCount], [Pkey], [RoutingDigits], [SubscriberCost], [ThirdParty], [TimeToAnswer], [Trunk])



The default change script attempts to create a number of indexes.  In large databases this can take a large amount of time to complete, resulting in a timeout. 


1. Download the attached ZIP file to the Enterprise Server.
2. Unzip the package into a folder.
3. Rename to .
4. In [InstallDir]\Database\Change Scripts\ move the existing file to another location as a backup.
5. Copy the new file in your folder on the desktop to [InstallDir\Database\Change Scripts\ .
6. Run the Configuration Wizard normally.
7. When finished, double-click in your unzipped folder to open the script in SQL Management Studio (Ensure you are connected to the MiCC database).
8. Click Execute and allow the indexing script to complete.

NOTE: Depending on the size of your database this can take several hours to complete.


MiCC Version 7.X 

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