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MiCC 8.0 Upgrade - After aborting an upgrade to MiCC 8 before file-copy, the old MiCC applications will not log in

Article ID: 52398 - Last Review: December 22, 2015


During an upgrade to MiCC Version 8.0, the installer advises of a pre-requisite issue and you cancel.  When you attempt to launch the previous version applications, you are unable to log in. 


In MiCC 8.0 some registry keys are now encrypted for security purposes.  This has to be performed early in the installation process, and older versions of MiCC cannot read them. 


If you stopped the installation before the file-copy stage, you can restore the unencrypted registry keys.

1. Launch the Contact Center Configuration Wizard
2. Run through the wizard until it successfully validates your SQL instance (this will create the unencrypted registry key and test the connection once)
3. Cancel the wizard.

You can now log into your pre-8.0 applications. 


MiCC 8.0 

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