In Citrix environment, the Contact Center Client continually...

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In Citrix environment, the Contact Center Client continually steals focus in the Citrix Connection Center application

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In a Citrix environment, users cannot use the Citrix Connection Center application to control their running applications because the Contact Center Client is continually reclaiming focus. 


The Contact Center Client minimizes to the system tray and by default has a frequent refresh timer (1000ms), which reclaims focus in the Citrix Connection Center application. 


You can manually change the tray update timer.  You must ensure that the following changes are propagated to all client instances.

1. Go to [InstallDir]\CCM\Applications\ContactCenterClient\ .
2. Open the ContactCenterClient.exe.CONFIG file in an editor such as Notepad.
3. Find the TrayIconRefreshIntervalMilliseconds setting.  Change the Value to a larger number.  We recommend 60000 in order to allow a much more manageable window before the Contact Center Client reclaims focus.
4. Save the file.

Now, when you launch the Contact Center Client, it will claim focus once a minute instead of once a second.


MiCC Version 8.0 and newer. 

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