SQL Licensing requirements for use with MiContact Center

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SQL Licensing requirements for use with MiContact Center

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SQL Express does not require user licenses. When a customer grows beyond the limits of SQL Server Express, the customer must purchase user licensing for SQL Server.  The way MiContact Center application uses SQL server is classified as a “Multiplexed Application Environment”. It means that either:

1. The customer purchase SQL Server CALs for each named user.  With MiContact Center each administrator, supervisor and agent will require an SQL license.
2. The customer purchase SQL server licensing based on processors (2008) or cores (2012) to enable unlimited users.
The choice between #1 and #2 is largely dependent on the customer’s environment.  If they have a small number of users, it will probably be cheaper to go with #1.  If they have a large number of users (or no way to count), it will make sense to go with #2.  In other words, it’s not at all a product question.  Whoever is selling the SQL server licenses is going to make some margin for providing this kind of guidance, so they should provide this guidance.


Below is a link to a forum discussion on 2008 licensing:

Below is a link analyzing the costs for SQL 2012 using CALs versus Cores



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