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Queue Real-time statistics inaccurate: SMDR Parsing Error [BadDataField]

Article ID: 52421 - Last Review: February 29, 2016

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It was reported that Queue Real-Time statistics on various sites were partially updating beginning on February 29. More commonly, calls handled in Queue Now monitor. Additionally, same day reports could be inaccurate as well until the data is re-summarized.

Looking at the SMDR data file for the day, you can see the following;

Error: 2016-Feb-29 11:20:09.159 Parsing SMDR record - Failed to parse record 02/29 11:18:30 0000:01:38 1870 1870 01706628628 A T9998 101 1011870 A1012426 A . Error BadDataField ()

Similar errors can be found in the prairieFyre.Services.EnterpriseServer.log file.


For the errors to subside and resolve the real-time statistic inaccuracies, a restart of the .NET Enterprise Service will be required. While restarting this service could cause Contact Center Clients to temporarily grey out, it could also have other negative impact on the system such as IVR routing issues if Queue conditions are part of your workflow therefore please be cautious before restarting a core service . If it is not possible to restart the service during business hours, please do it at the end of the day. This is only impacting releases other than 8.0 and we believe that this will resolve itself automatically when the date changes to March 1st.

NOTE: The integrity of the reporting data for February 29 will be intact.



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