MCC - A Voice call, and a Multimedia item are both delivered to...

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MCC - A Voice call, and a Multimedia item are both delivered to an agent when the Workload should allow only one

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An agent who's workload is configured to prevent a voice call and a multimedia item from being taken simultaneously is delivered items from both media types at the same time. 


The Workload prevents other medias from delivering items by placing any blocked medias into a Make Busy state (Overloaded).   Because the Voice portion is controlled by a MiVoice Business, and not directly by the MiContact Center server, there is a potential race condition where the Voice media is sent a Make Busy request, but it does not arrive before the MiVoice Business has routed the call.

This will only occur when both voice and multimedia have items queued at the same time, and may still be intermittent.


Because of the race condition, the Voice media will always take priority over multimedia.  The easiest solution is to add a small delay to the multimedia delivery so that it can correctly Overload if a voice call is sent right away.

In the InQueue Workflow for any multimedia queues that should defer to voice, add a Delay activity (2 seconds) just above the Offer To Agent activity.



Multimedia MiCC Version 7.X and newer 

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