INFO - Understanding Overriding State

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INFO - Understanding Overriding State

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The MiContact Center software looks at employees as a single phone line in Agent State real-time monitors and some reports, such as Agent Event.  In environments where two lines may be in use at the same time we must chose an overriding state to display. 

This overriding state is a very simple hierarchy.  The overriding state will be set to the highest ranking state on the following list (where 1 is highest priority and 18 is lowest).

  1. LoggedOut
  2. Idle
  3. ACD
  4. ACDHold
  5. NonACD
  6. NonACDHold
  7. Outbound
  8. OutboundHold
  9. Do Not Disturb (DND)
  10. Worktimer
  11. Make Busy (MKB)
  12. Ringing
  13. System Make Busy
  14. OffHook
  15. CampOn
  16. ForwardedTo
  17. LogIn
  18. RingingNonACD


MiCC all version 

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