SIP 8.1 - Known limitations

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SIP 8.1 - Known limitations

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In MiContact Center Version we are introducing the ability to connect to supported SIP platforms.  At launch, we will have some limitations in functionality including the following:

  • Setting a phone Active from the MiCC software will display as active, regardless of whether the actual phone is available or not.  If you set an unconnected phone as Active we will attempt to route calls to that phone until it fails, resulting in it either going into Reseize Timer, or a System MakeBusy state.
  • When placing a call on hold via the software or phoneset, you must use the same method to remove hold.  For example, if you place a call on hold using the button in Ignite, you can only remove hold using the button in Ignite.
  • Parking calls will display differently in Ignite depending on whether the call was a contact center-routed call (made from Ignite, or an ACD call), or a Native call (A call made directly to or from the phoneset, without involving the MiCC software).
    • Parking a contact center-routed call will show the call on hold in your inbox
    • Parking a Native call will clear the call from your inbox
  • A Twinned DECT phone will appear Idle when calling VoiceMail on a MiVO 400.
  • The use of Feature Keys is not supported.
  • Native call forwarding is not supported and may result in a call becoming stuck.  A restart of the Enterprise service will clear any stuck calls.
  • On an MiVoice Office 400, users are unable to call a queue from Ignite by dialing the ARS digits and Queue dialable.


MiCC 8.1.X.X 

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