Unable to launch Ignite. Receiving warning: Unable to load...

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Unable to launch Ignite. Receiving warning: Unable to load enterprise configuration

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When launching Ignite, it fails and returns the error:  Unable to load enterprise configuration. 


Your site has a large configuration.  Login to Ignite takes a long time and eventually times out. 


1. On the MiCC server go to [InstallDir]\Services\ConfigService\.
2. Launch the GlobalAppSettingsEditor.exe.
3. Fill in the following details:

  • Application: Ignite.exe
  • SectionGroup: pFBusinessObjectAdapter.Properties.Settings
  • Name: DeviceLoadTimeOut
  • Value: 00:00:60  (Enter the duration you want in HH:MM:SS format here.  Default is 30 seconds)
  • Description: (enter a quick note for who is changing or why.)

5. Click Save. 
     NOTE: Saving this change make take up to a minute.  Wait for the confirmation prompt.


MiCC 7.1 and newer 

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