ALM0139 - Speech recognition request failed

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ALM0139 - Speech recognition request failed

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There was an error in the last Speech Recognition request.

This could be caused by one of several problems:

  • Nuance Speech Server (NSS) is not accessible \ not available \ not operational \ not licensed for Speech Recognition
  • Error\Timeout loading grammar file. the Grammar file URL is not accessible, or returns an error text or url not found.
  • Invalid grammar file, especially when using custom GrXML files
  • Recognition Error returned by Nuance Speec Server





Speech recognition is not functioning 


Check Nuance Speech Server:

  • Ensure Nuance Speech Server is accessible.
  • In Local Services, Ensure Nuance Speech Server is running.
  • In LMTools License Manager, Server Status, perform a Status Inquiry to ensure ASR licenses (osr_swirec) are issued and in-use.
  • Look for nss log file under C:\ProgramData\Nuance\Enterprise\system\diagnosticLogs\ and search for the word RECOGNIZE to see if the request made it through.

Check MiCC services:

  • Check the service log file or device log file for further information on the error.
  • In case of RoutingInboundService, RoutingOutboundService, or RoutingUPiQService, look for the log file UNIMRCPxx.log on the root folder of the service. Search for the latest word RECOGNIZE and look for any errors following.
  • In case of RoutingMediaService, look for freeswitch log under Services\Freeswitch\log. Search for the latest word RECOGNIZE and look for any errors following.
  • Look for the grammar file URL in the log, and put it in the browser to see if it returns the expected grammar file.



MiCC 8.0 or newer 

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