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Storage Service stops polling once the MiCC server has 10,000 active emails already (Configurable Option)

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Starting in MiContact Center Version, we had added a configuration setting to help control the Storage Service memory usage by capping the number of active emails in the MiCC server at any given time.

The MaxNumberOfActiveEmails will limit the maximum number of active emails in the system.  Once this threshold is reached the Storage Service will stop polling for new emails.  Once the number of active emails is reduced below the configured threshold the Storage Service will resume polling for new email messages.

In order to be counted as an active email, the MSG file must be in one of the following states:

  • InQueue
  • Ringing
  • SystemInbox 
When the Storage Service stops polling for new emails because the threshold has been met, an alarm will be raised.


By default the Storage Service is configured to stop polling for new emails if there are 10,000 active emails.  With an average estimated email size of 100 KB, 10,000 mails active means that the Storage Service is holding 1 GB of memory just for emails.  You can raise or lower this threshold if you wish.

1. Go to [InstallDir]\Services\ConfigService\.
2. Open the GlobalAppSettingsEditor.exe.
3. Fill in the following:
Application: (leave this blank)
SectionGroup: Storage.Properties.Settings
Name: MaxNumberOfActiveEmails
Value: (enter the maximum number of active emails before the storage service stops polling for new email)
Description: (enter a description of why the change was made and/or by whom here)
4. Click Save.
     NOTE: It can take up to 2 minutes to complete the save.  Wait for the confirmation message before closing the Global Apps Settings Editor.


MiCC 8.0 and newer 

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